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Spiritia's Seelegewehr.

Seelegewehr (ゼーレゲヴェーア, Zeelegeveea, lit. Soul Rifle), also known as the Cannon of Souls (魂の銃), is Spiritia Rosenberg's initial weapon in Rosenkreuzstilette. Spiritia can gather mana with her vicinity to fire a shot of mana, or charge the shot for a more powerful attack that can penetrate some enemies in a single shot. Since these shots do not tap into Spiritia's mana supply, she can use them indefinitely.

In ~Freudenstachel~, this ability is also available to Iris Zeppelin, who can fire very large Seelegewehr shots similar to Tia; she will fire four sets of four Seelegewehr shots from each of two magic circles placed on the sides of the area, one set at a time, each with an opening amidst the shots.


  • Spiritia's Seelgewehr is the equivalent to Mega Man's Mega Buster from the Mega Man series starting from Mega Man 4 through Mega Man 8, as they both have the same functions.

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