The members of Schwarzkreuz holding a meeting in the outside areas of the Church in ~Weißsilber~.

The Schwarzkreuz Church is a location found in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. It is the home base of the Schwarzkreuz organization, as well as one of the many churches controlled by their superiors at the Orthodox Church.

In ~Freudenstachel~, the Schwarzkreuz spy on Freudia Neuwahl from their viewing globe there before deciding to fight her. Later, Freudia makes it to the Church after defeating each of the Schwarzkreuz members, and just as she and Pamela Arwig are about to do battle again, Eifer Skute attacks and injures Pamela. She reveals that she has not only murdered the pope that Freudia was going to see, but also that she was working with Iris Zeppelin all along. After the two invite Freudia to Iris' new Iris Palace II, Freudia summons Liebea Palesch to the Church and orders her to treat Pamela's wound while she goes after them.

In ~Weißsilber~, the Schwarzkreuz have a meeting in the Church's outside areas under the night of a full moon at the beginning of the game, with Pamela announcing her plans to defeat the RKS, whereas she goes to the Castle Grounds to start her own fight against the organization. Pamela returns home triumphantly as she walks along the bridge to the Church only to realize that her colleagues and the pope have marked her as a holy traitor, as informed to her by Lecht & Rink Refraktia. After stopping her colleagues, she returns to the inside of the Church and has her suspicions of being vilified confirmed when Eifer reveals herself to be working with Iris all along. Pamela gives chase after them to the Iris Palace II.



  • The scene with the Schwarzkreuz spying on Freudia is rather similar to the opening of Mega Man X2 right down to the type of view screen they are using.

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