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Relationships Michael Zeppelin (successor)
Spiritia Rosenberg (first half of reincarnation)
Iris Zeppelin (second half of reincarnation)
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Rosenkreuz (ローゼンクロイツ Rōzenkuroitsu) was once a Magus who first founded the RKS thousands of years prior to game's storyline.


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Rosenkreuz was the most powerful Magus in the world who devoted his life to end the Orthodox Church's persecution of Magi everywhere. The Orthodox Church treated those who were born with the "gift" of magic as demons, and Rosenkreuz as the Devil himself. During his lifetime, he fought a great battle with his eight disciples against the Empire to end the Magi persecution. In the end, Rosenkreuz sacrificed his life during the battle, though his final wish came true: The Empire finally accepted Magi into their fighting force, thus the RKS: The Blades of the Rose-Cross was founded. The position of leader of the RKS was succeeded by Michael Zeppelin many years after Rosenkreuz's death. However, it was not long until the Orthodox Church began their persecution of Magi once again.

It was revealed by Zeppelin that his biological daughter, Iris Zeppelin, inherited Rosenkreuz's powers and knowledge, making her his reincarnation. Zeppelin tried to keep this secret from the Church until they learned about her from Kahl Palesch. Kahl, however, saw through Iris' facade and realized what she had planned. However, she told her father that Kahl made an attempt on her life and had him imprisoned to avoid having him getting in the way of her motives.

Iris wanted to use the power and knowledge she inherited to amuse herself by having the RKS start a war against the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church as well as becoming god of the world. Spiritia Rosenberg set out to stop Iris' plans. When they confronted each other, Iris realized that she is missing something that made Rosenkreuz stand out among Magi. That is when Spiritia learned from Iris that she, too, is Rosenkreuz's reincarnation: "the Blade of Rosenkreuz" who inherited his ability to tap into the powers of other Magi. Iris was intent on killing Spiritia to gain the "the Blade of Rosenkreuz" for herself and become the god of the world. Spiritia succeeded into foiling Iris' plot and reunited with her friends.

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  • Rosenkreuz was named after the legendary Christian Rosenkreuz, the founder of the Order of the Rose Cross.
  • Rosenkreuz is currently the only character in the series to never be shown in person, nor fought as a boss.