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RKS (エルカーエス Erukāesu), also known as Rosenkreuzstilette: the Blades of the Rose Cross (薔薇十字の小剣, later changed to 薔薇十字小剣団 in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~), is the organization in the Rosenkreuzstilette series composing of Magi. The RKS was first founded by Rosenkreuz thousands of years prior to the game's storyline after he fought against the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church to end the persecution of Magi. After the war ended, the Holy Empire and Orthodox Church accepted Magi into their military force, thus the RKS was created.

RKS has three known divisions; the RKS Strike Force, led by Sichte Meister, the RKS Intelligence division, which Kahl Palesch is an agent of, and the RKS Forces Operations division, led by Doris Warmind.

Members of RKS: the Blades of the Rose Cross


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  • An interesting note that RKS can also be called erka:es, which is also the same name of this doujin soft series' developers. This is because RKS's Japanese name is romanized as "Erukāesu", which sounds exactly like erka:es.
  • The RKS Numbers are a reference to the Serial Numbers that most of the robots and Robot Masters of the original Mega Man series use.
  • Doris Warmind is designated as [RKS013], rather than [RKS010], causing a jump in the numbering. In response to one fan's messages on the [erka:es] journal, WOMI joked that the designs of the three missing members of RKS might be finished before Rosenkreuzstilette ~Geisterwand~.