Designer WOMI
Relationships Liebea Palesch (younger sister)
Weapon Vampire Killer, Axes, Crosses and Dark Inferno
Voice Actor Souta Higurashi (JP)
David Hill, Jr. (ENG)
Sprite Karl sprite

Kahl Palesch (カール・パレーシュ Kaaruru Pareeshu, also referred to as Carl Palesch and Karl Palesch) is a character in Rosenkreuzstilette. He is the older brother of Liebea Palesch and is her caretaker as well as an agent of the RKS Intelligence division.


Kahl appears as a well-built young man with dark red hair and blue eyes. He wears a dark red sleeveless turtleneck that exposes his stomach, a dark red skirt with a yellow diamond in its center, and wears dark red pants and brown boots. He wears a metal headband with a blue jewel hanging from it. He often carries around a whip with him called the Vampire Killer.


In Rosenkreuzstilette, Kahl is only briefly mentioned in both Liebea's Stage and Zeppelin Stage 4 - according to Liebea, he was imprisoned by the Holy Empire, and Michael Zeppelin said it was hopeless to pray for his safe return.

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In actuality, it was Zeppelin who imprisoned him in the castle dungeon to supposedly protect Iris. Kahl actually saw through her facade and attempted to kill her, so Iris decided to get rid of him by manipulating her father into imprisoning him for her. Zeppelin believed that Kahl was a spy sent by the Empire and that the Empire learned of Iris' gifts through Kahl. While Spiritia goes after Iris later in the game, Freudia sorts out the problems Iris left behind, among them Kahl's imprisonment. It can be assumed Kahl returned and reunited with the RKS following Iris' defeat.

Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~

Kahl makes a surprise appearance as the boss of Pamela Arwig's stage in ~Rosenkreuzstilette Weißsilber~, attacking with Castlevania-esque weapons.

Kahl infiltrated Burkhardt Castle in order to investigate the abducted magi and stumbles upon Pamela. Pamela immediately recognizes him as Kahl Palesch, Liebea's older brother. Pamela claims that Kahl doesn't stand a chance at winning, given that his magic power is far weaker than that of Liebea's. Despite this, Kahl does not relent and chooses to fight for his comrades, surprising Pamela.

After a long fight, Pamela becomes exhausted, not because Kahl was dominating her in the fight, but because no matter how much she hits, Kahl simply won't fall, leading Pamela to call Kahl a "muscle-head". Seizing a chance, Kahl escapes from Pamela.

Just like Spiritia Rosenberg in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~, Kahl will replenish his health late after entering Desperation Mode, by pulling a pork chop out of nowhere and consuming it.

Boss strategy


Kahl will move around the area, jump in the air and use his Vampire Killer whip as he does so. He can also hurl two axes at Pamela that she can avoid by jumping over the first one and going under the second one. In Desperation Mode, he'll pull a pork chop out of nowhere and consume it to restore all of his health. He can hurl fireballs with his Vampire Killer whip during Desperation Mode when he jumps up, and can even hurl four energy balls with Dark Inferno in a similar fashion to how he threw his crosses. He'll also throw three axes at Pamela, from his position to wherever she is positioned.

Because Kahl only appears in ~Weißsilber~, Freudia never confronts or battles Kahl in her story.

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  • Introduction:
    • 「やむを得ないか…行くぞ!」 ("Yamu wo enai ka... ikuzo!") ("Inevitable, isn't it... here comes!")
    • 「邪魔をしないでもらおうか」 ("Jama wo shinai de moraouka.") ("I shall not have you interfere with me.")
    • 「立ち塞がる者は…打ち砕く!」 ("Tachifusagarumono ha... uchikudaku!") ("Those who block my way... I shall shatter!")
  • Whip:
    • 「はっ!」 ("Ha!")
    • 「はぁっ!」 ("Haa!")
    • 「はぁあっ!」 ("Haaa!")
    • 「たっ!」 ("Ta")
    • 「食らえ!」 ("Kurae!") ("Take this!")
  • Axe:
    • 「そこか!」 ("Sokoka!") ("You are there!")
    • 「ちょこまかと!」 ("Chokomakato!")
    • 「落ちろ!」 ("Ochiro!") ("Fall!")
  • Desperation Mode:
    • 「リーベア…俺に力を!」 ("Liibea... ore ni chikara wo!") ("Liebea... grant me power!")
    • 「なかなかやる!」 ("Nakanaka yaru!") ("Not bad at all!")
    • 「まだまだ!」 ("Madamada!") ("Not yet!")
  • Dark Inferno:
    • 「地獄の炎よ!」 ("Chigoku no honoo yo!") ("Flame of the hell!")
    • 「闇よ!」 ("Yami yo!") ("Let there be darkness!")
    • 「砕け散れ!」 ("Kudakechire!") ("Shatter!")
  • Victory:
    • 「伯爵の遺志は、俺が継ぐ!」 ("Hakushaku no ishi ha, ore ga tsugu!") ("I shall inherit the will of the Count!")
    • 「リーベア…待っていてくれ」 ("Riibea... matteitekure.") ("Liebea... wait for me.")
    • 「…その程度か?」 ("...sono teido ka?") ("Is that all you got?")
  • Defeat:
    • 「これが…シュヴァルツクロイツの力か…」 ("Korega... Shuvarutsukuroitsu no chikara ka...") ("This... is the power of the Schwarzkreuz...?")
    • 「無理があったか…」 ("Muri ga atta ka...") ("Looks like I was pushing it...")
    • 「どわぁっ!?」 ("Dowaa!")



Rosenkreuzstilette ~Weißsilber~


  • The [erka:es] blog originally teased in an April Fool's Joke that Kahl would be a playable character in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, which was the first time he would be shown in full detail. His appearance was modeled after Simon Belmont, one of the most popular protagonists of the Castlevania series. He was also shown to have a smaller health bar as well, with only 9 units as opposed to the twenty-eight (or higher) units all the other characters and bosses support.
  • Despite being a member of the RKS, the music that plays when Pamela fights him in ~Weißsilber~ is the Schwarzkreuz boss theme, "Four Heavenly Kings" by DEAD END WONDER, rather than the RKS boss theme, "Attacking Game" by Takumi dot net.

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