The Iris Capsule, with Iris herself piloting it.

The Iris Capsule (イーリスカプセル, Īrisukapuseru) is a contraption used by Iris Zeppelin in an attempt to defeat Spiritia Rosenberg and is the first phase of the final boss battle against Iris in Rosenkreuzstilette.

The capsule teleports around a lot and fires multiple orbs of light that will spread throughout the screen and shoots Blitzstrahl lightning bolts. Lilli is a good weapon to use against it, as she can easily reveal its next location every time it teleports. Charged Lustatem shots (the weapon obtained from Luste Teuber) are also a fine choice against it. When it has half of the boss' health bar left, Iris will eject herself out of her capsule and transform into The Wings of Madness for the second phase of the final battle.


  • The Iris Capsule functions very similarly to Doctor Wily's Wily Capsules throughout the Mega Man series, despite not displaying a personal crest on itself.