The Hover is a recurring enemy in the Rosenkreuzstilette series.

Hovers are floating platforms that will shoot bullets to the left and right when the player is in view. However, Hovers can also be used as platforms and when the player jumps on top of it, it will move forward until it hits a wall. They come in two color variations, blue and silver, but both function identically. They are based on enemies with the same name found in Mega Man 4.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, they are found in the Heiligtum des Wasserteufels, and in Rosenkreuzstilette Grollschwert they also appear in the first and second stages of Zeppelin's Castle. In Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel, they again appear in Heiligtum des Wasserteufels.

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