Freudia using Frostfackel in the Web Trial/Full Game.

Frostfackel (Freezing Torch, formerly known as Friertfackel) is a special ability used by Freudia Neuwahl that she learns from Zorne Zeppelin in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~. Her ribbon and blood stain change to hot red when Frostfackel is selected. She can toss an icicle that creates a trail of explosions in form of rising icicles. Like Zornesbombe, Frostfackel can break certain walls.

It is the weakness of Dolis Warmind and the second phase of Iris Machine II.


  • When used under water Freudia throws Frostfackel farther.
  • Frostfackel acts similarly to Frost Man's Ice Wave from Mega Man 8.
  • Throughout ~Freudenstachel's~ development, Frostfackel was the weakness of three of the game's bosses; the first being Liebea Palesch in the C75 Trial version, then Grolla Seyfarth in the C76 Trial version, and Sichte Meister in the Web Trial version.


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