Freudia Neuwahl using Freudenstachel in her initial fight against Spiritia in Rosenkreuzstilette.


Spiritia Rosenberg using Freudenstachel.

Freudenstachel (フロイデンシュタッヘル, Furoidenshutahheru, lit. Joyous Sting; pronounced Froi-den Shtaak-hel), also known as the Sting of Joy (歓喜の棘), is Freudia Neuwahl's main weapon and the weapon Spiritia Rosenberg attains from her. Freudenstachel can allow the user to rapidly fire a barrage of icicles in front them, which is useful for weak enemies. The symbol that creates the icicles moves up and down as it fires. It can also be fired while sliding. However, due to Freudenstachel's nature, it is one of the few weapons that lacks the ability of a charged attack.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, it is the weakness of Liebea Palesch and the Webmaster Spider.

In Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~, the Freudenstachel is Freudia's initial weapon in the game. Though unlike Spiritia's Seelegewehr, Freudia has a limit to how much Freudenstachel shots she can use. If Freudia depletes all of its energy, Freudia can still fire a single shot when its energy gauge is at zero. However, it loses its rapid-fire capability and it will not fire up or downwards as it did when the weapon had energy, instead it will fire only straight across.

Similarly, Eifer has her own variation of the Freudenstachel in addition to her Eiferstachel. Like both Spiritia and Freudia, Eifer can also fire "Freudenstachel" shots in the direction she is facing. When she uses her clone attack during Desperation Mode, Eifer and her two copies will fire their "Freudenstachel" shots in the player's direction, one at a time.



  • Freudia's Freudenstachel is the equivalent Needle Man's Needle Cannon from Mega Man 3.
  • Freudenstachel is one of the three weapons Spiritia used against Grolla along with Lustatem and Klageharnisch in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Grollschwert~.
  • For Freudia, Freudenstachel is the only weapon that can still be used after its energy supply is depleted.
  • Freudia's Freudenstachel weapon energy was originally designed to not to be refilled after losing a life, this was changed in the later Trial builds and final version due to the game balancing issues.