Rosenkreuzstilette ending

The floating island

The Floating Island is a minor location in the original Rosenkreuzstilette, where the game's final scene takes place. After Spiritia Rosenberg and Lilli successfully defeat Iris Zeppelin and demolish her palace, Talos flies them to an floating island in the sky, where the other members of RKS (Freudia Neuwahl, Zorne Zeppelin, Trauare Wrede, Luste Teuber, Grolla Seyfarth, Sichte Meister, Liebea Palesch, Schwer-Muta Casasola Merkle, and Zeppy), are there to greet them.


  • The scene where Spiritia jumps up to greet everyone on the island is similar to the scene in the ending of Mega Man where Mega Man jumps up to greet Dr. Light and Roll as he triumphantly returns home from his first victory over Dr. Wily.
  • Many islands seen in the background of Luftfeste Sleipnir look very similar to this floating island, suggesting that this floating island could be located near Sleipnir itself.