The Fireball is an enemy in Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel.

Fireballs rise quickly out of lava and will slowly follow the player as they float down, and are found in groups of four. They resemble the Fire power-up found in the Bomberman games and are based on the Tackle Fire enemies found throughout the classic Mega Man games.

They are found in Gruft der Feurdrache



In the second stage of Iris Palace II, a variant known as Oil Fireballs can be found. While some behave like their normal counterparts, most are generated by Oil Fireball Makers and will bounce towards the player. If they touch a source of oil, it will cause the oil to be engulfed in flames, which will kill the player instantly if touched. The Makers can be destroyed or frozen with Eisschwert.

The Oil Fireballs and Oil Fireball Makers are based on Fire Boys from Mega Man 6.