Eggmet Notice: While the subject of this article or section is canon, it has no official name and a placeholder fan name is used.


The Elecmine is an enemy from Rosenkreuzstilette.

Elecmines appear as electrical orbs with faces, and are carried around by golden, mechanical claws, which will drop the orb onto the ground. If the orb lands in water, it will electrocute everything in it, damaging the player if she is in the water, though if it hits the ground, it will electrify themselves and explode.

There is a variant of the claws that walk along the ground and toss the mines before falling off the screen. These claws can be destroyed if hit with many shots. Functionally these variants are very similar to Bubukans from Mega Man 3.

This enemy only appears in the first stage of the Iris Palace.