Freudia using Eisschwert.

Eisschwert (lit. Ice Sword) is one of Freudia Neuwahl's abilities in Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ that she learns from defeating Grolla Seyfarth. When selected, Freudia's ribbon and blood stain will turn purple.

Freudia can fire a shockwave that glides across the area. This ability is very similar to Grollschwert, except the shockwave is colored ice-blue and will freeze enemies and some projectiles into ice cubes upon impact for a few seconds. The ice cubes they are frozen in damage them over time. Freudia can also stand on the ice cubes while they are visible.

When fully charged, it causes the screen to flash and freezes all enemies on-screen for a few seconds and damages them from inside the ice cubes they are encased in over time. Eisschwert does not effect many bosses, but it is Luste Teuber's weakness. It can be used on a few mini-bosses, but is largely pointless outside of using it to skip Frienders.



  • In earlier trials Grolla used to give Eislanze instead of Eisschwert; this was changed after C76 trial version.