The Dryad is a recurring enemy in the Rosenkreuzstilette series.

The standard Dryad fights by surrounding itself with a shield of leaves moving in a circular pattern that protect it from all damage and, after a short time, it will fire the leaves forward (much like Leaf Shield from Mega Man 2). Unlike most enemies, it is effected by the gravity changes in Iris Stage 2. Because of this effect, they act similar to the Suzy G enemies from Megaman 5.

In Rosenkreuzstilette, it appears in the second stage of the Iris Palace, while in Freudenstachel, a sole Dryad appears in the Forest of God (Dolis's stage).


Eggmet Notice: While the subject of this article or section is canon, it has no official name and a placeholder fan name is used.

Jumping Dryad


The Jumping Dryad attacks by shooting several arcing projectiles at the player, after which it will stop momentarily before starting again. It will jump when it first appears onscreen but is otherwise stationary. These dryads cannot turn around, thus if the player gets behind them, they will be unable to defend against them.

The jumping variant appears in the Forest of God.

Wall Dryad


Wall Dryads are immobile and can only fire slow homing projectiles at the player. These projectiles can be destroyed however, though in doing so the projectile will block the Wall Dryad, even if the attack would be otherwise capable of hitting both.

The Wall Dryad appears in the Phalanx Cathedral Ruins (Eifer's stage).