Iris firing four lightning bolts with Blitzstrahl in her final form.

Blitzstrahl (ブリッツシュトラール, Burittsushutoraru, lit. Lightning Flash) is Iris Zeppelin's weapon in Rosenkreuzstilette. Iris can release bolts of lightning in any direction. Her Blitzstrahl was first seen in Rosenkreuzstilette as she used it to kill her father, Michael Zeppelin, after his defeat against Spiritia Rosenberg (or Grolla Seyfarth in ~Grollschwert~). Iris also used her Blitzstrahl inside of her Iris Machine, Iris Capsule, and her seraphic form. Inside her Iris Machine, she summons lightning bolts to crush down from above. During the final battle, Iris releases a single bolt of lightning inside the Iris Capsule at the player. After assuming her seraphic form, Iris can use her Blitzstrahl by releasing four bolts of lightning at once or fill almost the entire area with lightning bolts with a few safe spots.

Her new attacks involving Blitzstrahl in ~Freudenstachel~ involve calling down three blue lightning bolts that follow her opponent before filling the middle of the area with five more lightning bolts. This ability also becomes available to Spiritia Rosenberg while under Iris' influence; Tia can call down five golden swords before sliding towards her opponent and turning the swords themselves into lightning bolts.