[erka:es], the presenter of the Rosenkreuzstilette series, has made quite a few April Fool's jokes throughout the years; in fact, three jokes so far. While they were all jokes and therefore were taken off the site just one day after having been put up, the screenshots provided had hints about what would later be confirmed as the truth.


Early in 2008, the first April Fools' website done by [erka:es] was created featuring screenshots of Rosenkreuzstilette Freudenstachel. It was eventually confirmed that Freudenstachel was in production for real, and the true game was delayed several times until October 20th, 2012.



Three years later, screenshots were posted depicting a possible game mode where players could play as Kahl Palesch, Liebea's older brother, in a style similar to that of the Castlevania series of games. It was later revealed that it was an April Fool's joke that WOMI didn't finish in time.



Main article: Rosenkreuzstilette Lustatem

Just a few months after Freudenstachel was released in October 2012, a new Rosenkreuzstilette Lustatem April Fools' site was published, though taken down the following day.


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